The reality of priesthood and magic It is a common saying that "magic is true" but it is not true but it is certainly effective and its effect on a person by the permission of God is proved by the Qur'an and Hadith since the Creator of the universe created this world. Since then, two systems have been running parallel to each other. One is the material (apparent) system and the other is the spiritual (hidden) system. Just as some rules and regulations of the material system have been established, so have the principles of the spiritual system. Rules have also been laid down. Spiritual knowledge has been imparted as opposed to sublime knowledge (magic). So that the effects of any sublime knowledge can be prevented by spiritual knowledge. It is stated in the hadith that “This (magic) He carries the man to the grave and the camel to the pot. Types of priesthood (magic) There are four types of sorcery: (1) land magic, (2) air magic, (3) water magic, and (3) magic through food. Magic is a sublime knowledge which Allah (swt) has bestowed on His Beloved Prophet (sws) with spiritual knowledge. Therefore, when the effects of magic became bad on him, Allah (swt) gave him two Surahs of the Holy Qur'an. Surah Al-Falaq and Surah Al-Nas were sent by the angels to Hazrat Jibril (as) with whose blessing the evil effects of magic were eliminated. His blessed hair was placed under a rock in a well. What was done was ground magic. Earth magic In ground magic, it is made thin, etc., and it is buried in the ground after reading the sublime sciences by inserting needles. The desired person's foot is also bewitched by picking up dust from where it is attached. They are also bewitched with a cloth. Sometimes they are put on pebbles or mud and thrown into the opponent's house or buried in the ground (graveyard, etc.). The ground is also bewitched on nails. After studying, they are thrown into the ground and the opponent is tortured. Hawaiian magic The second type is air magic. Leaving the magic giants in the air, the desired person is harmed or the giants insert needles into the body of the opponent or the amulet is tied to the tree etc. and the opponent is tortured. A very dangerous process is performed. Magicians put meat in a pot and put it on the stove. And they start studying. The giants of magic pick it up and drop it at the desired place, which causes a lot of damage. Both Johnny and Mali are also killed by a process of blood. The demons spray the blood on the desired person or the desired place, which causes a lot of damage. The bones of animals (dogs, pigs, camels, cows, etc.) are also bewitched, and the bones are either buried in the house or buried in the ground, especially in a cemetery or in a deserted place. A cruel sorcerer also practices that a child who dies without breathing or is born dead, after a month, the hip bone of his body is opened and taken out of the grave. There is a very strong magic on him. This bone is also poured into the house. It is buried in the graveyard or in a deserted place for the destruction of the opponent. In addition, by burning the lamp, washing the harem, the effects of magic are carried to the desired person by the wind. ۔ Water magic There is a kind of water magic. After cleansing the stomach of the fish and filling it with some things, after doing magic, it is sewn and thrown into the sea or river etc. Besides, after locking it by magic on the lock, the river Or it is thrown into the sea, etc. In the same way, some other things (black lentils, harem bones, etc., are cast into the water by casting a spell on it, and the opponent is harmed. Goes and sometimes even goes underwater. Magic through food It is a kind of magic by food. It is fed to the desired person by inhaling on ice, jaggery, sugar or any sweet thing. This process is also done on meat, vegetables and other food items and the desired result is obtained by feeding the opponent. Are done. Scholars have written in the light of Hadith Sharif that on the Day of Resurrection, the jinn (devils) will break the covenants made with human beings and the earth will be filled with sublime knowledge. The spiritual sciences (Qur'an and Hadith and the Salaf-e-Saliheen and Ad-Zaif) are the only ones to break all these. In addition to this, Ahqar also has the practice of goat's head which is a blessing from the elders. After removing the skin of the goat's head and cleansing it thoroughly, some things are put in it and Qur'anic verses are recited on it for a long time. In the cemetery, he is buried between two graves. Ahqar has taken his formal fatwa from the board of Muftis of Dar-ul-Iftaa of Jamia Ashrafia, a famous and well-known madrassa of the country, and has also discussed in detail. It has been declared permissible without abomination and it has been given regular permission to the despicable. Faqir has been doing this for many years and thank God thousands of patients have been cured by this practice so far. May Allah Almighty grant him the ability to serve the people of God with perseverance of heart and make it the cause of the health and well-being of the people and the salvation of the lowly in this world and in the hereafter (Amen and Amen). والسلام Pray for Hakim Syed Muzammil Hussain Naqshbandi

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Encyclopedia of Islamic Wazaaif

The human beings with their limited knowledge cannot visualize the greatness of the Creator to any extent even after determining the indications and seeing events beyond one‘s imagination. Zenith of the knowledge acquired by the human beings is, that they should be able to recognize the blessings of Almighty, utilize them and thank Him in the real sense. The base of knowledge may expand to any extent and one may continue to acquire as much knowledge as one can do but must realize that he is standing on the ocean. Being Muslim, we believe that there are only too sources of knowledge, first is the Holy Quran and second is the pious life of the Holy Prophet .صلى الله عليه وسلمThe analysts claim that the Holy Quran contains 51000 types of knowledge and every moment of the life of last Prophet of Allah adds a new chapter to these horizons and thus our life. There are numerous types of knowledge. One of them is hidden knowledge known as spiritual knowledge and people of this school of thought are called mystics (Sufis) or Ahl-e-Tasawuf. Besides many other prevalent definitions of Tasawuf, it can be defined as “while living in the specific confines of the religion, consolidating the faith from the core of heart, regularly practicing it; eventually one starts realizing the sweet taste and soothing lights”. Depending on the truthfulness of any religion, the feelings of spiritualism would become pronounced. Thanks to Almighty, Quran is the most authentic and truthful book in the Universe and the life of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلمis the best example and beacon of light for the entire humanity. The Muslim who is lost in the oneness of Allah and fully focused in the slavery of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلمwould be enlightened with secret of this life and life thereafter.
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