Enmity in husband and wife:- The first sign of magic is the following.If husband and wife are living in complete harmony, all of sudden there creates a situation of conflict between them and they become displeased even to see each other.

Repulsion the Husband:-

Second sign of magic is as follows. The wife is fascinated to her husband and she has apostatized through magic. Now she becomes mad with fury even to see her husband.

Woman feels aversion.

Third sign is as follows. Woman narrates the good deeds of her husband tirelessly. In other words she has loud love with her husband but she is forced to be suspicious and hateful through magical spells, and she sees her husband like a dog or a pig.

Rejection of Proposal:-

sign is as follows. The family of groom becomes disgusted to see the bride even she is young, beautiful and pretty. They reject the proposal and in the same way a long time is passed.

Stoppage of the Proposals:-

Fifth sign is as follows. The proposals for girls are stopped, in other words people become suspicious without seeing the girls. There produces a feeling of hate and disgust in the hearts even by the discussion of these matters.

Husband hatred:-

Sixth sign is as under. Husband has deep love for his wife and children bu

t he has starts hate and spite due to fascination. Even the well wisher seems as enemy to him.

Drying out the milk of animals:-

Seventh kind of magic is spelled at the sheep, goats, cows and buffaloes that is; at milk producing animals. This spell is put in their tracks and their milk is dried out, offspring died and the milk users become sick.

Enchantment on quadruped:-

Eightth kind of magic is specified for quadruped. By the effect of this magic pain creates in the joint of the quadrupeds and they do not eat the grass. If these are not cured well in time then they may be died.

Miscarriage of offspring:-

Ninth kind of magic is spelled at the milk, animal and pregnant mothers either it is animal or woman. By this spell the offspring is miscarried prematurely. Shrinking of Children:- The tenth kind of magic is that through which specifically children are targeted by magic. It means babies and new born children are captivated and they die by shrinking.

Birth of Girls:-

In Eleventh kind of magic, a puppet is made to put in the way of a woman on Tuesday or Friday at noon. The woman, who puts her feet on the puppet, will give birth only to the girls. A boy child will not be born.

Become Unable to Copulate:-

In twelfth kind of magic, male is bounded; it means the gentleman does not remain able to copulate with his wife.

Hate in intercourse:-

Thirteenth kind of magic is that the bride feels hate from her husband or her groom in case of sexual intercourse. Man

Becomes unable to work:-

In fourteenth kind of magic, pain is produced in the joints of a man and he becomes unable to perform any Job. Water in the belly and head:- In fifteenth kind of magic, water is produced in the belly or head of a woman.

To become fearful appearance:-

In Sixteenth kind of magic woman starts changing its colour after fascination and after sometime change appears and her physical shape becomes fearful.

Barrenness or Sterility:-

In seventeenth kind of magic woman is bounded and she becomes barren. Menses continue and she does not conceive.

Animals die:-

In eighteenth kind of magic the business of a person is bounded through magic and the luggage and property of fascinated is destroyed, animals die and he bears harm every day.

Breaking of matrimonial relations:-

In the nineteenth kind of magic matrimoni

Desolated home:-

In twentieth type of magic a home is ruined and desolated through magic, its blessing and goodness finishes, love and affection becomes ended, every person take other as enemy, every moment there created a new dispute.


In twenty first type of magic a man or woman is forced to suffer from any severe disease through magic and no way of cure or recovery is found.

Dispute between husband and wife:-

In twenty second type of magic any person is disgraced through magic. Every one hates him without any reason, no one believes him.

Termination from the post:-

In twenty third type of magic an officer or judge or servant is terminated from his service or post by the use of magic. On being under magic he is terminated from his service or post.

Begger and Penniless:-

In twenty fourth kind of magic rich, business man or minister is dismounted from his post and turned him to a beggar and penniless individual.

Destruction of a woman:-

In twenty-fifth kind of magic women are ruined. It means they are divorced. Until this magic is not warded off, all the marriages are finished how many times these are arranged.


In this kind of magic an officer or government’s high official is transferred and sent away from the city.

To spoil the beauty and elegance:-

In this kind of magic the beauty and elegance of pretty and beautiful woman is spoiled due to which she becomes disgraced in society.

To depopulate the house:-

In this type of magic all ways of progress are checked to such an extent that the building is depopulated. No one can live in that house rather it remains desolate. Whoever comes to live in the house runs away soo

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Encyclopedia of Islamic Wazaaif

The human beings with their limited knowledge cannot visualize the greatness of the Creator to any extent even after determining the indications and seeing events beyond one‘s imagination. Zenith of the knowledge acquired by the human beings is, that they should be able to recognize the blessings of Almighty, utilize them and thank Him in the real sense. The base of knowledge may expand to any extent and one may continue to acquire as much knowledge as one can do but must realize that he is standing on the ocean. Being Muslim, we believe that there are only too sources of knowledge, first is the Holy Quran and second is the pious life of the Holy Prophet .صلى الله عليه وسلمThe analysts claim that the Holy Quran contains 51000 types of knowledge and every moment of the life of last Prophet of Allah adds a new chapter to these horizons and thus our life. There are numerous types of knowledge. One of them is hidden knowledge known as spiritual knowledge and people of this school of thought are called mystics (Sufis) or Ahl-e-Tasawuf. Besides many other prevalent definitions of Tasawuf, it can be defined as “while living in the specific confines of the religion, consolidating the faith from the core of heart, regularly practicing it; eventually one starts realizing the sweet taste and soothing lights”. Depending on the truthfulness of any religion, the feelings of spiritualism would become pronounced. Thanks to Almighty, Quran is the most authentic and truthful book in the Universe and the life of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلمis the best example and beacon of light for the entire humanity. The Muslim who is lost in the oneness of Allah and fully focused in the slavery of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلمwould be enlightened with secret of this life and life thereafter.
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