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Amal If a person is attacked severely by magic or the magician is attacking again and again then only the charmlet of guard spirits does not provide remedy. In these conditions the amulet of he-goat head gives positive relief immediately. By this amulet those Genies are checked at the spot which are sent through magic with the intention to harm. It is the best amulet to break the spell. In this amulet the he-goat head is used in two ways. We suggest that the flesh of head should not be wasted and take it off carefully to use. If the patient is not interested to eat the meat of head then the brain of the skull is pulled out and the place of brain is made empty. We put the hair of patient, some soil from the foot prints of the patient and other things which are available easily from the market, like claves, black paper, Saterwer, name of the patient and a charmlet with guard spirits at which much recitation is done. By putting these things in the empty space of skull, it is fortified packed and tied strongly to burry in the graveyard. The fortification of skull is necessary as the Genies dug up the buried skull and throw it away if it is without fortification. For the safety of the skull fortification is necessary. Patient can do this job by himself if he does not want to do so then I appoint one of my pupils by sending him in graveyard. It is a better way. There is no specific time for this task. The skull can be buried in any part of the day. for this amulet At least one time the presence of patient is necessary so as to diagnose the symptoms hundred percent correct which are asked from the patient. After this if patient does not come even then the treatment is possible. Some people ask lest it be an unlawful amulet? It is because they do not know how does it is performed? Many such patients contacted me who refused to get performed this amulet for them. Among them mostly patient were those who were harmed by the professional healers. To avoid the criticism I consulted the board of religious judges in Jamea’a Ashrafia Lahore. I met them and asked about the authenticity in Islamic law about the amulet of he-goat skull after explaining them the whole method. I also assured them if this amulet is unlawful then I am ready to leave it. They asked me few questions 1. Do you put writing of Quranic verses in the skull of he-goat? 2. Could someone be harmed through this amulet? 3. Are there not some orthodox words uttered during this amulet? For example, call for help to the creation of Allah Almighty other than Him, etc. My answers for all questions were negative. After this clarification they declared the amulet lawful and said, “We shall give you the written verdict that it is a lawful amulet”. To hear these expressions from the board of religious judges, I became happy as Allah Almighty kept me safe with His mercy from the use of non-Islamic and deceptive amulets

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Encyclopedia of Islamic Wazaaif

The human beings with their limited knowledge cannot visualize the greatness of the Creator to any extent even after determining the indications and seeing events beyond one‘s imagination. Zenith of the knowledge acquired by the human beings is, that they should be able to recognize the blessings of Almighty, utilize them and thank Him in the real sense. The base of knowledge may expand to any extent and one may continue to acquire as much knowledge as one can do but must realize that he is standing on the ocean. Being Muslim, we believe that there are only too sources of knowledge, first is the Holy Quran and second is the pious life of the Holy Prophet .صلى الله عليه وسلمThe analysts claim that the Holy Quran contains 51000 types of knowledge and every moment of the life of last Prophet of Allah adds a new chapter to these horizons and thus our life. There are numerous types of knowledge. One of them is hidden knowledge known as spiritual knowledge and people of this school of thought are called mystics (Sufis) or Ahl-e-Tasawuf. Besides many other prevalent definitions of Tasawuf, it can be defined as “while living in the specific confines of the religion, consolidating the faith from the core of heart, regularly practicing it; eventually one starts realizing the sweet taste and soothing lights”. Depending on the truthfulness of any religion, the feelings of spiritualism would become pronounced. Thanks to Almighty, Quran is the most authentic and truthful book in the Universe and the life of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلمis the best example and beacon of light for the entire humanity. The Muslim who is lost in the oneness of Allah and fully focused in the slavery of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلمwould be enlightened with secret of this life and life thereafter.
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